Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Menu for March 5-11

I try my best to plan a menu each week for my family that works well with our many extracurricular activities.  When I work late and know I need to have the family at a cub scout den meeting, I plan a crockpot meal.  When I forget to put the food in the crockpot, then we eat out.  A terrible, terrible habit.  I really do enjoy cooking and trying new recipes.  So, when I have a day off, I have a chance to experiment with something more difficult than throwing chicken and bbq sauce in the crockpot. 

This week, we had scouts on Monday, a meeting Tuesday, kid's group at church on Thursday, and a birthday party Saturday.  Looks like a lot of crockpot dinners.  BUT, I have this week off work!!  My husband, Chris, has already commented that he hopes I find a work-at-home job after our next child is born, because I've had the chance to cook every night this week.

Monday:  Chicken Parmesan with thin spaghetti (Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook)
Tuesday:  Tangy Ranch Chicken, baked macaroni and cheese, green beans with brown sugar sauce.
Wednesday:  General Tso's Chicken with Knorr's chicken fried rice.
Thursday:  Pot Roast and noodles with beef broth
Friday:  Pizza/Takeout
Saturday:  Hot Dogs and Hamburgers
Sunday:  Dinner with family. 

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