Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weekly Goals (March 5 -11)

I have a whole week off work!  I made quite a long to-do list for this week... but so far I am making good progress!

Family Goals:
Go for a walk together
Play a board game together
Attend kid's group at church
Take my turn in the book we're reading together

Homemaking Goals:
Hang pictures in the dining room and living room (we recently switched these rooms)
Make at least one freezer meal for after pregnancy
Stick to the menu I planned
Get ready to entertain at the birthday party on Saturday

Work Goals:
Relax and don't think about it! :)

On a side note, since we've started using a new budget software, we have done a great job of sticking to our monthly budget!

This post will be linked at's weekly goal post.

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