Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Menu for November 26 - December 2

Monday:  Hubby cooked Spaghetti & Meatballs

Tuesday:  Turkey Tetrezzini

Wednesday:  Pizza Night (Kielbasa and Mashed Potatoes for DH)

Thursday:  Pot Roast

Friday:  Country Fried Steaks with Pepper Gravy

Saturday:  Dinner with family

Sunday:  LEGO FEST in Pittsburgh!!


  1. What is the recipe for the pepper gravy? I just might have to make this this weekend. It must be a Pennsylvania thing. Martin has never had country fried steak.

  2. Click the link and it's step 3 under the recipe. I haven't made it yet so no promises!! We usually get them in a box from Sam's Club, so I thought I'd try making them.

  3. Ah, I missed that part. Guess it pays to read the whole thing. Let me know how you like it. If it's good I may have to try it this weekend.