Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Trial and Error Routines: A Work-NIGHT Routine

I work two jobs -- one during the day and one at night.  I'm blessed to never have to do both on the same day.  I waitress at night and it's more of an "as-needed" position to fill in when other girls are away at college or when business is up and extra staff is needed.

This day also has the simplest routine!!  Yay for simple!

7:00 am - Wake up, feed Raegan, breakfast, pack lunches.

7:30 am - Get dressed, dress kids, feed dog, take dog out.

8:00 am - Leave for bus stop.

8:30 am - Hit the road.  Sometimes I have a meeting in the morning.  When I do, we leave as soon as the bus comes.  Raegan and I go out to breakfast at Friendly's.  I hope that we can still do this when she is older.  Then, I take her to the meeting.  If I don't have a meeting, I run errands around town in the morning.  If, by some miracle, we don't have errands or meetings, we go home and clean a little.

11:30 am - Volunteer.  Once a week I tutor elementary kids at the school.  I just take the baby with me.  The kids love her and she is usually sleeping.

12:00 pm - Lunch, wash uniform, cook dinner.  While lunch is cooking, I make sure my uniform is clean for work.  If it's not, I wash it.  I usually let it air-dry because I end up with a lot of stains and I don't want the dryer to set any stains that I missed.  If Chris will be home, I get dinner ready so he can just reheat it when he gets home.  He can make pizza or tacos but most often he eats some leftovers that need to be used up.

1:00 pm - Naptime!!

3:30 pm - Pick Landon up at the bus stop.  My start-time varies but I usually have to be at work at 5:00 pm.  If that's the case, I take the kids home and I get ready.  Landon starts his homework while I get dressed.  I make him some hot dogs or waffles as a snack.  Chris is usually home before I leave so I don't have to worry about a sitter.  If I have to be at work earlier, I take the kids to my grandparents' or parents' house and leave straight from there to go to work.  If Chris is busy or working late, I do have to get a sitter, but that has only happened once or twice.

4:30 pm - Leave for work.  I can get there in ten minutes... ten minutes exactly.  But, if I try that, I risk getting a speeding ticket again.  Apparently getting there in ten minutes requires that I go 45 in a 35... according to the officer.

8:00 pm - Pump break.  Again, pumping is so unpredictable.  Some nights, if I think I'm going to be going home early, I will try to get done before I need to pump.  Other nights, I feel the need to pump pretty early in the night so I take the break as soon as I can.  I usually get about 3 oz, which matches what Raegan drinks while I'm gone.  She usually drinks what is left from my work day pumping and I freeze what I pump on a work night.

10:00 pm - Go home.  Again, I'm wired.  No headache.  Not tired.  I want to tell Chris all about my day and hear about his.  I don't mind watching him play video games, but sometimes we watch a favorite show on NetFlix.  He usually wants to go to bed before I do.  I usually end up in bed by 11:30 pm.


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