Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Time Savers: Folding Laundry

Do you fold your clothes right away?  Or, if you use hangers, do the clothes go straight to the hangers?  Or do they sit in a basket for a few days hours before you get to them again?  Try this time saver to keep your laundry routine efficient!

time savers

If you use a clothesline...

In the summer, and on sunny winter days, I use an outdoor clothesline.  I recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to use one.  I've even seen them strung-up around porches, when no yard space is available.

Your clothes are so fresh and clean after being in the sun, and they should last longer.  All the lint you pull out of your dryer's lint trap is just a pile of pieces that came off your clothing.  Eventually, they will just wear out.

If you're using a clothesline, use this time saver.  Take the extra 5 seconds to fold each piece as you take it off the line.  Unless you are scrambling to get the clothes inside because you didn't know it was going rain... it won't take any extra time to fold as you go.  It will take extra time to pull each piece back out to fold if you wait until you get inside.

If you use a dryer...

Sometimes you just have to use the dryer.  I use the dryer all winter -- and when it's raining.

When we had a stacked washer/dryer set, I always folded the clothes as I took them out of the dryer.  Now that our set is side-by-side, I hate bending up and down and up and down to get the clothes out one-by-one.

Sometimes I'm in a hurry to get another load in, so I set the basket in front of the dryer and throw everything in there without folding it.  Then I always regret wasting time it when I have to go back and fold the clothes later.

What do you do to make your laundry routine go smoothly?


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