Monday, February 4, 2013

Menu for February 4 - 10

Yet another week of a late menu plan!  Last week I didn't even have a menu plan.. and I thought I was going to lose my mind!  I didn't realize how much I rely on these plans to make decisions for me after working all day, when my brain is begging for a break.

This week, we don't have too much going on.  Wrestling season is almost over!!  Not that we don't like wrestling season, but by February I really miss my husband.

I had a great birthday on Saturday :)  I will post pictures sometime this week.  I've also been working on something really fun, that I will be sharing in a few weeks!!


Monday:  Freezer Pizza

Tuesday:  Chicken Parmesan with spaghetti and garlic toast

Wednesday:  Pizza before Church

Thursday:  BBQ Ribs with tater tots

Friday:  Marinated Chicken with rice

Saturday:  Leftovers

Sunday:  Dinner with family for my birthday



  1. As good as the chicken and rice sounds, I won't be home Friday. I will be at the Mountain Conference Tournament. I won't be home Saturday either, but I am not complaining about missing leftovers.

  2. Chicken paremsan spaghetti sounds yummy!