Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Time Savers: Clean Your Car

I lived in my car while I was in college.  I didn't sleep there... but I could have.  I had my books, my purse, a change of clothes, the diaper bag, toys, mail, some food scraps, countless cans of soda and water bottles...  all readily available in my car.  Did I mention I drove a compact?  It wasn't a pretty sight.

I have friends who clean (vacuum and wash) their cars weekly.  I wish I had the time or the dedication to do that.  My poor car is well-loved, and well-used.  It can get a little unruly.

We get to the bus stop 10 minutes early every day (because the bus has been known to be super early occasionally).  Once a week, I make an effort to tidy up while we wait.

  • I bag the trash that has accumulated on the floor (tissues, fast food bags, old papers).

  • I dust the dash and console with a dusting brush I got at the Dollar Store.

  • I straighten up the trunk (stroller, diaper bag, hidden Christmas gifts...).

It takes me about 5 minutes and my car would thank me for it if she could.

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