Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Today is the last day of my "summer"...

Tomorrow, I start back to work.  I always find it amusing that I think of it that way.  I have been working four days a week for most of the summer... but tomorrow I start back to "work".  I guess it's because when I go back to "work", everyone else goes back to school and the crazy schedule gets even crazier.

Raegan learned to walk.  And popped four teeth thru.  All right before her first birthday.  She hasn't gotten any more teeth, but she eats like a teenager.  Breakfast usually looks something like three pieces of bread, a bowl of Quaker oatmeal, and a sippy cup (or two) of milk.  She absolutely adores her big brother.  She giggles with glee every time he walks into the room.  We are still using cloth diapers.  Which is somewhat a lie, because she's in disposables right now.  She had a terrible diaper rash, that has gotten much better, but now that we went through four different diaper creams, the cloth diapers are repelling.  So, until I get that fixed, she's happy in disposables.  She still naps twice a day: once right after breakfast and a longer nap right after lunch.  She went through a phase when she was terrified of the bathtub, but I think we've overcome that one.  As long as the water is there before she is, she doesn't think it's so bad.  She does, however, love getting squirted with the garden hose.  If you spray her, she will run away, spit back at you, and come back for more.  Her hair gets curlier and curlier when the weather is humid.  I hope it stays that way for awhile!  It's hard to tell how long her hair actually is because her tight coils barely touch her neck, but it is finally long enough to put into pigtails.  She was only at daycare once this summer, while we were at Scout Camp.  She fell right back into her routine without missing a beat.  I hope she does that again, tomorrow!

Landon was very busy this summer.  We started the summer with the soccer league pool party and it feels like he hasn't been home since!  He enjoyed Creation, especially watching clips from What's in the Bible and SKILLET, of course.  He spent many weekends with my in-laws getting spoiled.  We also spent many days at my grandparents' house, doing the same thing!  He went to Scout Camp with his Cub Scout Den and hit the target for the first time with his BB gun.  He went on a lot of hikes with his daddy.  He took a trip to the beach and got knocked down by a wave.  It was traumatizing.. ask him about it.  He spent a weekend at church camp, where he tried the Tarzan swing and supposedly "screamed like a little girl". We still read devotions every night, and he recently started reading a passage of scripture from his NIRV Bible.  It still amazes me what he can understand and remember.  He spends his daily "computer time" playing Pirates 101 and battling "blasted cut-throats" and other pirate gibberish.  He tried a sub from Subway, and loved it.  Then he had a second with too much mayo and he hasn't wanted one since.  We continue the picky-eater battle.  He'll be packing generic Lunchables in his lunch this week.

And so begins our school year!

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