Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fill Your Freezer: Tacos's freezer cooking challenge came at the perfect time for me!  There are 27 days left until my due date and lots of meals that need prepared for those sleep-deprived days to follow.  Since ground beef is on sale at Martin's this week ($1.99/lb), I bought around 20 lbs of it.  Now, I need to turn that into something quick and easy for hubby to thaw and eat.

First up:  Tacos!!

I decided to start easy and work my way up.  I took 3 lbs of ground beef and browned it.  I combined that with two taco seasoning packets and two cans of dark red kidney beans.  Then, I split that between four bowls and flash-froze them.  When they were completely frozen later that night, I popped them out of the bowls and put two servings each in freezer bags.  Four easy-peasy taco dinners ready to go.

Now, I need ideas for the other 17 lbs of ground beef!! 

Next up:  Brown Bag Burritos

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