Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mission of the Month: June

I always do better when I set some goals -- especially with the major change of routine we'll have this month (read:  new baby!).  This month I'm joining Mama Jenn with her Mission of the Month post.

Mission of the Month

Finish reading A Mom After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George
Wake up before the rest of the family so I can do my devotions before the day starts
Memorize two Bible verses

Start doing The Husband Project
Finish reading Sheet Music by Dr. Kevin Leman
Compliment my husband daily

Make a reading chart for the summer
Have a healthy baby girl :o)

Make a menu plan for each week (using my freezer)
Plan and cook lunches (instead of fed-for-yourself lunches)

Continue the Proverbs 31 Study

Stick to the grocery budget this month!!

Post at least three times a week

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  1. Great stuff here! The Elizabeth George book is great! I will have to goodle The Husband Project! I have not heard of it, but I'm intrigued! Oh and Sheet Music...we just finished Dr. Leman's parenting class and he mentioned Sheet Music. I need to check it out too! Be sure to extend yourself some grace and take some time to relax before your little bundle of joy arrives!!! Thanks for linking up!!!

    1. We're big fans of Dr. Leman.. but The Husband Project is actually where I got the recommendation for Sheet Music. It's pretty good (as are most of his books!!). Thanks for stopping by :)