Friday, June 1, 2012

Fill Your Freezer: Freezer Inventory

My freezers are full!  I needed to get out frozen chicken breasts to thaw for dinner last night and tonight.  First, I couldn't find the chicken.  Then, I couldn't get everything back into the deep-freezer!!  

I need an inventory.  
If I know what I have, I'll be able to plan meals more effectively.  
If I know what I have, I'll know what I need.  
If I know what I have, I'll know where to find it.  

I have two freezers.  One is part of my fridge.  One is a small deep freezer we keep in the basement.  Upstairs we have....

Left to right, back to front:  Shredded cheese, lasagna filling, bread for crumbs, hamburger buns, diced potatoes, brown bag burritos, twice-baked potatoes, tortillas, barley soup, vegetable soup, strawberry freezer jam, fish sticks, bananas.

Left to right, back to front:  yeast, pork ribs, sliced chicken, brown sugar, salisbury steaks, pot roast, butter, wheat flour, cheese pizzas, steaks, ground chicken, french bread dough, pork roast, hamburgers, beef broth.

Downstairs I try to keep mostly "meals" that are already put together.  We have... brown bag burritos, southwest roll-ups, pot roast with vegetables, 6 lb taco meat, 3 lasagna casseroles, 2 pizza casseroles, 2 chicken corn chowder bowls, 1 chicken cordon blue, 2 chicken ranch casserole, 3 lb sloppy joes, 3 rosemary porkchops, 1 cheeseburger meatloaf, 1 BBQ crockpot chicken, 1 lemon chicken, 1 macaroni and cheese, salsa chicken taco filling, strawberries.

Left to right, back to front:  Wheat flour, taco soup, chicken strips, shrimp, sliced chicken breasts, cubed chicken, bacon, boneless chicken breasts, corn, brussel sprouts.

I made a spreadsheet to hang on the fridge!  I have at least 30 meals ready to thaw and numerous ingredients for meals that involve a little more prep.  I think meal planning will be so much easier this month. We can just cross things off when we use them.  I included the location on the spreadsheet so I know which freezer to look in.  

Follow me and keep an eye out for the menu plans coming up using all of these goodies!!