Friday, October 19, 2012

Trial and Error Cloth Diapers: Month 3


Raegan's transition to day care was a breeze.  She goes twice a week, and I get to stop by and see her on my lunch break.  I nurse her when I drop her off, during lunch, and when I pick her up.

She doesn't like the bottle, and she gets enough time nursing during the day, so her teachers use the milk I pump to make cereal for her.  She's loves the cereal!!

Nursing less and eating more has changed our diapering routine a little.  Raegan can go days without a BM.

Not that dirty diapers were much different from wet diapers (I don't dunk or spray dirty diapers, just an extra rinse in the washing machine) -- but it does mean less stains, now that it's cold and I'm not using my clothesline as much. 

The way the sun bleaches diapers still amazes me.  And, I need to figure out a way to keep doing it through the cold winter months.

Raegan wears disposables at day care, which usually amounts to about 3 diapers each day.  The day care is very nice about letting her wear a cloth diaper in the morning so I don't have to keep a pack of disposables at home.

Speaking of disposables... we had to travel, unexpectedly, this week to be with family a few hours away from home.

I thought about taking the cloth diapers with me.  It wouldn't be difficult.  I had access to a washer and a dryer.  But, I was tired and we didn't know how long we were going to be staying when we packed.

So, I ran out and bought a pack of disposable diapers to take along.  Raegan had a rash within 24 hours of leaving the house.

The weird part was, the rash wasn't wear the diaper covered.  It wasn't a rash from not getting changed or from the chemicals inside the diaper.  The rash was down the inside of her thigh, from where the plastic-ish outer layer of the diaper rubbed her legs.

Some diaper rash cream and snug-fitting leggings cured her quickly.

One night, we were all snuggling before bed, and Landon said, "Raegan needs her diaper changed.  It smells."  I checked.  She was dry.  Disposable diapers smell.  I notice it when I walk into the nursery at church.  I can't explain the smell, but it's there.  It's something we weren't used to.

Maybe I should have taken the cloth diapers.  At least it was a learning experience, and it gave me time to think about more important things.  But, it was a good reminder that we use cloth diapers for her benefit, not just for ours.  Yes, it saves us money, but it's also much more comfortable for her.

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  1. Owen prefers to wear cloth as well. If you put a cloth and disposable diaper next to each other he will ALWAYS choose the cloth. I agree there are certain things that about disposables that make cloth even more desirable. Glad everything is going well with your cloth diapering. :)