Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sleeping Through The Night


Landon slept in my bed until he was four.  I didn't mind.  It was easier to nurse at night when we coslept...and I just got used to him being there.  He always had his own bed and he knew that.  When we moved to this house, he started sleeping in his own bed.  I think it was the excitement of his new room.  But nonetheless he slept next to me for a very long time.

Raegan is very different from her brother.  Raegan gets very restless around bedtime.  She will throw herself around, screech, pinch me, nurse, not nurse, clean off the headboard...


I was at my wits end last Thursday.  My amazing husband took the baby to her room... And I fell asleep.  Then I woke up at 3 am panicked because the baby wasn't next to me and she wasn't crying.  She was asleep in her bed.

He says, "I want credit for this when you write about it on your blog."  Credit where credit is due... He's pretty awesome.

I woke her up at 6:30 to nurse.  Then she went back to sleep.  Too good to be true, right?  Nope.  We've been blessed beyond measure with this baby!



Friday night I let her fall asleep in my bed, then I moved her to her room.  Wrong.  Apparently she's fine as long add she falls asleep in her room.  But if she is put there, already sleeping, she wakes up a few hours later.

I've been putting her to bed awake every night since then and it's been a dream.  I get her up every morning to feed her and she falls back to sleep before her brother gets up for school.

I'm a huge fan of cosleeping.  But I think we're both sleeping better now...especially because she doesn't wake up to nurse at all when she's in her room, but in my room she nursed every few hours.

We still get our morning snuggle-time.  I can't believe how fast they grow!!




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  1. How precious! That sleeping through the night is such a milestone and a huge blessing. I hope it lasts for you