Sunday, September 1, 2013

Menu for September 1-7

I did it! I stuck to my menu plan! Even on the weekend!
I've been trying some time management strategies from Getting Things Done, and I really think it's helping. My brain feels much less overloaded!  Part of that is also overcommitment... which I am also still working on. :-)
Last week we ate all of our favorites, because I didn't cook all summer. The theme continues...Here's our menu:

Sunday:  Picnic with family
Monday:  Labor Day Picnic, and Chicken Alfredo
Tuesday:  Ham and Bows
Wednesday:  Chicken Teriaki with rice
Thursday:  Pot Roast with Popovers
Friday:  Salad (I like mine with grapes, apples, cranberries, chicken and bleu cheese)
Saturday:  Taco Bake
Some of these are "new" because I haven't shared the recipes yet. But I will try to take pictures in the kitchen this week and share those recipes soon!

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