Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Menu for March 16-22

Sunday:  I have no idea what we ate for dinner.  I cannot remember for the life of me.
Monday:  Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf with sweet potato hash
Tuesday:  Taco Salad
Wednesday:  McDonalds... family road trip
Thursday:  Carbonara, after spending the evening in the ER.  Quickest meal ever.
Friday:  Mac&Cheese with Chicken.  I had a wonderful meal planned with homemade mac & cheese and cooked chicken breast.  Then because of a death in the family everything fell apart so we had Kraft mac&cheese and organic chicken nuggets... :)
Saturday: Funeral dinner

I also cleaned my deep freezer.. I have a pizza casserole and a lasagna casserole from my "Third Trimester Freezer Cooking" in 2012!  How freezer burnt do you think they are?  :)

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