Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fill Your Freezer: Pizza Casserole & More Taco Meat

Tuesday is still my "go in town" day -- but before the stores opened, I got a little freezer cooking done!

I was surprised to learn that this pizza casserole recipe actually makes TWO casseroles.  Now, I'm really glad I didn't plan to triple it!!

I used two more pounds of the ground beef to make more taco meat (without beans added). That means I only have two pounds of ground beef left to use!! I'm going to make more Brown Bag Burritos because I have some enchilada sauce left that needs to be used.  I just need to get some more tortillas...

I also managed to hurt myself.  My first freezer cooking injury:  I punched through a plastic container trying to get frozen ground beef out of it.  It looked a lot worse last night....

What's left on my plan?

  • Lasagna Casserole
  • Brown Bag Burritos (1&1/2 recipe of filling to fill as many tortillas as possible)
  • Waffles (as many as I can crank out - this will feed my seven-year-old all summer)
  • Sandwich Bread (in the bread machine)
  • Make a freezer inventory list
  • Sit down with my feet propped up and relax!!

Next up?  Lasagna Casserole

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